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Detailed Product Description

Home Guard Camera/ Motion detection IP Camera / 3G camera/ Wi-Fi camera/home security camera

IP Camera with Motion Detection, Router/Wi-Fi Point-to-point Link and 640 x 480P Video
Motion detection
Video resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Rotating: 90° up and down, 240° left and right
Link: IP router or Wi-Fi point-to-point
Viewing on PC and smartphone
With 10 pieces IR LED

Sensor : 300K Pixel CMOS
Lens: Standard Lens,70Deg
Infrared Light: 10pcs hight output IR LED
Detection: Motion
Video format: AVI
Video resolution: 640x480 pixels,15fps/320x240pixels 30fps
Voice encoder: 2-way,ADPCM
video: Day-----Color
Camera Rotating: Up & Down 90Deg, Left & Right 240 Deg.
White Balace: Auto
Exposure: Auto
WiFi / Network
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n,
Antenna: External WiFi Antenna
Operating frequency:
2400-2483.5MHz,11channel for North America
2400-2483.5MHz,13channel for Europe,Japan
Communitcation protocol: TCP/IP,DHCP,SMPT,HTTP,DDNS,UPNP,PPPoE
Communitcation Link:  IP router or WiFi Point to Point
IP address: Dynamic DNS, Auto
Video viewing: PC & Smart Phone(iphone/Adroid with Apps)
WiFi point to point for PC & Smart Phone(Iphone/Adriod/Symbian with App)
Power external: 220VAC/5VDC,2A
Communitcation port: RJ45